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About ICC Syria

About ICC Syria

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - Syria is the Syrian National Committee of ICC.

ICC Syria is one of over 130 ICC National Committees from around the world. It was founded in 1987 through the efforts of a group of Syrian Businessmen who believed in the role of ICC.

ICC Syria is managed by a Board of Directors which consists of 12 Syrian business leaders from various business sectors.

ICC Syria Mission and Objectives:

  1. To promote international trade, services and investment, and to eliminate obstacles and distortion to international commerce.
  2. To foster economic growth of both developed and emerging economies.
  3. To represent Syrian commercial, professional service and industrial enterprises in the international community.
  4. To coordinate the activities of Syrian business community and to represent its interests in dealing with both national and  international organizations in matters concerned with international trade.
  5.  To organize seminars, conferences, and workshops on business developments.
  6.  To secure constant communication within the General Secretariat of the International Chamber of Commerce through a liaison officer in order to follow up on new developments in the global economy.
  7. To market ICC publications which are vital for banking, arbitration, and every other business sectors.